What we offer

● Basic Spoken English Course .
● Advance Spoken English Course.

How we offer

● Individual i.e. one on one coaching .
● Group coaching .

Mode of training

● Online (preferred) .
● Offline (optional) .

All about Spoken English

Being fluent in English is one of the most important skills to have in today’s world. It is no longer a luxury to be enjoyed by a few elite class. Due to globalization, we are more open & connected overseas. English being the official language of the world, justifies to be known & learnt by all.

There are numerous reasons why the English language is so essential. Working professionals can bag a plethora of new opportunities with better command over this language. Moreover, it would assist you in making the most of the internet too.

This course is not just aimed to help participants understand the rules but make them fluent by various speaking exercises. Thus build confidence & bring a guaranteed mind shift.

It is a 100% customized program. We try to offer an overall development course depending on the requirement. For this particular course we suggest a free consultation of 20 to 30 mins. to analyze & design the best course for you.

Who can attend?

Entrepreneurs, VPs, Sales & marketing personnel, Socialists, HRs, people management professionals, CAs, teachers, students, home makers & others