What we offer

● POSH Awareness Program for employees.
● POSH safety training for Employer.
● POSH at workplace training for ICC members
● Support in Establishment of Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

All about PoSH at Workplace

PoSH stands for Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace. The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act was passed in 2013, defining sexual harassment, laying down the procedures for a complaint and inquiry, and the action to be taken. Every institution and organization with greater than or equal to 10 employees must form an in-house Internal Committee (IC) under the PoSH Act. The PoSH Act requires every employer to organize periodic sensitization workshops for all their employees. It is advised to conduct PoSH training for employees and managers once a year.

Benefits of POSH awareness program

To the organization:
● Helps companies comply with legal responsibilities & can avoid penalties.
● It helps to create safer working environment thus increase trust amongst employees & the quality of workplace culture gets better.
● Employee retention and productivity increases drastically.
● POSH training is a sign that the organization cares about the employees & hence increase job satisfaction amongst them.
● Sensitizing the employees through POSH courses and programs can safeguard the organization’s reputation and ensure customer retention.

To the individuals:
● A clear understanding of the act & it’s benefits.
● Knowledge about what is covered under the act.
●Information about the prevention, prohibition and protection against sexual harassment at the workplace.
● Redressal procedure.