3Ps of Public Speaking to transform your personality

The art of public speaking has become essential to enhance value in professional careers. All professional roles in leadership positions require you to be ready to have high-quality public speaking skills which can be used to put forward ideas confidently, effectively, and persuasively. How you can present your vision and ideas will decide whether people will take you seriously. While public speaking is quite detailed, there are three steps that form the core of public speaking. You can consider these steps as 3Ps of Public Speaking i.e. Preparation, Practice, and Performance. Let’s dive into the 3Ps to see how you can transform your personality using proper public speaking skills.


Confidence is derived by a person who is prepared. The act of preparation allows the body and mind to become confident to deliver their communication. Detailed preparation reduces anxiety and fear of public speaking and replaces it with the utmost confidence in expressing and communicating. As such, preparation will create the foundation to develop your confidence and keep unnecessary anxiety and self-doubts at bay. While you are preparing, be aware of your audience, objective, and overall direction of your message. It will allow you to remain focused and build a better connection with your audience. You can create a long-lasting impact on the minds of your audience using a well-researched and prepared speech and content.


The act of public speaking can be smoothened using practice continuously. You can get over your jittery speech when proper practice has been engaged before the actual delivery of a speech. Presentations in a professional setting can look natural and effortless when the correct practice is engaged within the act of public speaking. Focus on time management, tone of speech, and overall confidence related to the content of the message can be engaged using proper practice. It is always a good practice to have someone in front of you who can check the quality of your performance and provide insightful feedback. Also, if you are using technology like LCD screens, projectors, etc., it would be essential to practice using these technology props so that your overall content merges seamlessly and you are not overwhelmed by the whole exercise of presenting your ideas in front of people.


During the process of managing performance, it will be essential to take into account all details. You should remain relaxed and confidently engage your audience. It is necessary to create trust and relationships with the audience. Proper communication will create a healthy balance of time management while ensuring that the points are not rushed. Make your performance of such high quality that you are easily able to claim the audience's attention. Once you build a good rapport with your audience and know your content, public speaking will be smooth and confident.

So, let the joy of public speaking transform your lives through the 3Ps.